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1. We offer PRICELESS ADVICE which comes at no additional cost. Advice that stems from real-world experience and tactical operations around the globe; from ELITE units. We don’t bull sh*t!

2. We assist with an effortless gear selection and setup process, which is CURRENT and MODERN. We do the work while you sit back, relax, take our advice and reap the rewards – until your training begins

3. Our tips, tricks and techniques are SENSIBLE and EFFECTIVE. We give solid advice based on individual requirements, performance & capabilities – we take your personal circumstances, health and budgetary restraints into consideration. But ☝🏼we do not skimp on QUALITY

4. We provide a direct and seamless link between our customers and high-quality products that we have tried and tested, and that we trust, with great after-sales service

5. We will save you time and money – both valuable commodities – and prevent poor choices and incorrect habits based on bad intel. We give you the best advice, so that you don’t unknowingly follow the worst advice