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Handguns are an important part of any defensive plan that involves firearms. What handguns lack in effectiveness and stopping power, they make up for in versatility and concealment. They are the go to platform for those who wish to everyday carry. Handguns are almost always a perfect backup weapon if you are running a long gun.

At Dark Earth Tactical, we strive to ensure that our students leave us as better handgun operators. We understand the need to start with foundational skills before running students ragged through advanced drills and exercises, and we always aim to conduct our training in the most progressive and effective manner. We take an incremental approach to making great handgun shooters, one student at at time.



3 to 5-Hours

Our Pistol Operator course lays the foundation for all future pistol training.

Safety, range etiquette, clearing, loading, equipment, fundamentals of fire, drawstroke, clearing malfunctions [or stoppages], common mistakes, and a defensive mindset are the main subjects tackled in this essential course. We will also discuss the laws revolving around owning, carrying and operating firearms, as well as shot placement for defensive purposes and dealing with multiple threat encounters.

Though this training is designed for beginners and intermediate users, the subject matter and technique allows students to build realistic skills that can survive the test of stress and small time constraints; this is your starting tool.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 100 Pistol Rounds

Note: this course is designed for those who are already familiar with the basic operation of pistols and the safety aspects pertaining to.



3 to 5 -Hours

This advanced course provides instruction and techniques to armed professionals who are looking to become more proficient in no-light/low-light operations.

Students will participate in a variety of evolutions which include (but are not limited to) individual movement drills, weapons manipulation, use of cover/concealment and live fire drills – all under the cloak of darkness.

All techniques taught are adapted to compensate for the loss of dexterity and natural awareness during low light conditions.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 100 Pistol Rounds

Note: this course requires successful completion of our Level I Pistol Operator CQB course



5-6 Hours

An immersive team course that places a heavy emphasis on vehicle operations and live fire engagements.  This course was developed based on extensive experience that stems from military combat operations and VIP/PSD operations around the globe.

In most cases, vehicles will be your primary method of transportation, and having a structured and well rehearsed plan to fight in and around vehicles is detrimental to survivability should things take a turn for the worse. VET provides cutting edge vehicle tactics to enhance your operational readiness and survivability. 

The course kicks off with an introduction into tactical vehicle operations, and then runs through a structured course syllabus which includes weapons manipulation in tight spaces, communications and team convoy movement, engaging from and around vehicles, shooting into and out of windshields, high threat vehicle embus/debus and cross-deck drills, fortification tips & tricks, and various evasion tactics and anti-ambush drills.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 100 Rounds & 50 Pistol Rounds

Kit Requirements

  • Licensed pistol
  • Ammunition [enquire on quantity per course]
  • Suitable holster
  • Additional pistol magazines with suitable mag pouches
  • Eyes & ears (and other relevant protection)
  • *Weapon mounted light (Night Fighter courses only)
  • Hydration pack/water and snacks
  • Hat or cap & sunscreen
  • Suitable outdoor shooting attire
  • Sturdy belt
  • Suitable shoes/ boots

Kit Recommendations

  • Shooting gloves
  • Battle belt (if already owned)
  • Pistol cleaning kit

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*Below is our costing for private group bookings. You will find scheduled course costs on our course registration page under the course preference drop-down menu. Use our menu tab or click the “Book a Course” button below.

One-on-One [Exclusive Booking]R950/hour
2 to 3 ParticipantsR500pp/hour
4 to 8 ParticipantsR350pp/hour

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