Tactical Firearms Training, South Africa


Tactical Firearms Training | Group and Private Instruction, South Africa

Dark Earth Tactical is South Africa’s most unique and current tactical training provider of firearms and private one-on-one instruction. That’s because our tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) stem from elite military units, with first hand global experience which has built the fundamental foundational skills that divide us from the rest. Our instructors are adept at teaching students of all skill levels, on all firearms platforms, including group or team tactics.

We also can help you navigate the path to obtain your competency certificates and select the most suitable firearms and equipment supporting your needs. Our unique content-rich curriculum, individualised range instruction, and skilled firearms instruction are the reasons why our students keep coming back.

Above all, we always carefully manage our class sizes, ensuring the right instructor to student ratio. As a result, our firearms students always get one-on-one attention, so all of our students can develop their shooting skills in a safe, fun, and informative learning environment. 

Your small investment in your training with us will give you the skills and competence to use your firearm with confidence. If you have never trained with us, regardless of your skill level, take this chance to book a class with us. You will not regret choosing Dark Earth Tactical for your training needs.

Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

Why Dark Earth Tactical? How we found our Brand

Dark Earth – otherwise known as Flat Dark Earth (FDE) – is an earth-toned colour resembling the soil and sand found in the desert, most often in the Middle East.

Militaries around the world have incorporated this muted, khaki colour in their uniforms forever. Since this is where we like to operate, spending most of our free time – in the dirt – we decided to name our brand around it, and we love it!

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