As the author, I spent endless hours writing the book’s content from locations all around the globe; typically whilst deployed in hostile countries as a private military contractor. From the Eastern shores of Africa during anti-piracy operations, to deserts and mountainous environments around West Africa, and the vast and diverse landscapes of Afghanistan and Iraq – in the fight against some of the worlds most infamous insurgencies – I utilised spontaneous moments of downtime to the fullest advantage, transferring my passion and experiences into a well-written readable handbook for like minded rifle operators.

But why, what drove me to write such a thorough and time consuming piece? Was it the fear of skill fade; losing touch with an unmatched array of specialist military skills and capabilities, wanting to be better and more capable with each passing moment? Of course. I wanted to leave no stone unturned. I started thirsting to learn more, and I needed a sure way to revise and remain current. This is where the book started developing its sequence; chapters that flow from one to the next; covering the full spectrum of relevant skills from A through to Z.

During the design and writing phase, I kept most shooting disciplines in mind. I wanted the book to appeal to a vast array of gun owners and not just those who are intrigued by long distance precision. The value towards hunters, SLR and carbine owners, and those from beginner to advanced levels will all benefit from the exciting content that has been revised and refined over a 7-year period. Culminating in 2022, the book is extremely updated and innovative.

So what is your final verdict; does this priceless training tool seem a worthy candidate? At around 1% of the cost of a typical modern rifle setup, it certainly does come highly recommended, and our existing readers all seem to agree. There’s a common saying in the firearms industry – “all the gear, but no idea”. The Ultimate Guide To Rifle Marksmanship really is intended to give you an unmatched idea; a massive up-skill of relevant information that would otherwise take years of research, trial, and error. I am that confident in the book’s ability to impress, and wish all of our readers a safe and successful journey in the land of guns and ammunition.

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