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Push your Limits to the Edge, and Beyond.

For those shooters who want to train to the highest standards, we offer Tactical Hunter, Precision Rifle and Long Range Precision Fire courses from fundamental to advanced levels. Our entire course syllabus is designed and instructed by a former British Commando Sniper, bringing the most modern military tips and skills of long distance sniping to the civilian sports shooter. We are constantly receiving compliments on our unique and modest instructive methods, as well as our abundant and evident experience.

As a former Commando Sniper and current full-time firearms enthusiast, I always strive to offer first-class training which is current, unique and extremely enjoyable for like-minded students.



4 to 5-Hours

“Long range” is a phrase that is highly subjective and fiercely debated amongst the hunting community as a whole. We all know there’s plenty of folks out there attempting shots on game that they truly shouldn’t be. Our Precision Hunter course is here to help you clearly define your hunting limitations, and then to push them to a new level that instils confidence, knowledge and experience in both your equipment and your own perceived accuracy potential.

In this class you will learn what really matters when it comes to making high-consequence shots on live targets under both time constraints and widely varying conditions. You will also learn how to modernise or modify your equipment to make you a more effective and humane hunter.

You will come away from this course with a newfound respect for the capabilities of your equipment and yourself during your next hunting season.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 40 Precision Rifle/Hunting Cartridges

Note: we recommend and a good scope with adjustable turrets for this course. If you need help selecting one, get in touch.



4 to 6-Hours

Getting into long range/precision shooting as an enthusiast or a hunter? Your journey into mastering the bolt action rifle begins here on our precision rifle course. This course focuses on developing a solid foundation of skills that will set you up for success on your journey to becoming a modern day precision rifleman.

We start with the basics as we teach you about the finer points of your rifle, optic and ammunition, and how they work together to produce the precise results you’re looking for. This includes rifle and scope setup which is tailored to your own shooting style, as well as techniques on how to tune your rifle/develop a cartridge load to ensure the most precise shooting.

You’ll then dive deep into the fundamentals of marksmanship, teaching you how to shoot your rifle to both its and your own capabilities. From there, we’ll jump into the science of medium-distance shooting, discussing everything you need to know to be successful on your own and giving you achievable goals and confidence.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 50 Precision Rifle Cartridges

Note: you require a scope with adjustable turrets and precision ammunition for this course. We also recommend and a good ballistics app.



5 to 6-Hours

The Advanced Precision Rifle course is for the shooter who is confident in their ability to consistently employ all fundamentals naturally, proving themselves ready to take the next step. The difference between a novice shooter and an advanced shooter is often as simple as correct fundamental application coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the full theoretical spectrum of long distance shooting and ballistics.

This advanced long range rifle course will focus on adding more tasks and problems for the conscious mind to solve while muscle memory takes care of the rest. We will discuss all the industry buzz-words and variables that are relevant to calculating long distance shooting solutions, and also what variables are often misconceived or made up; only clouding the mind. In addition, we dive deep into the modern tactical rifle scope and teach all of its wonderful features and capabilities, including holdovers, multiple target engagements, unknown distance shoots, and more.

Next, we’ll give you an exposure to how to read the largest variable in long range shooting, the wind, and how to make accurate adjustments when you don’t get it right. By the end of this course you will know where your strengths and weaknesses lie and which areas require further training.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 50 Precision Rifle Cartridges

Note: you require a scope with adjustable turrets and a modern reticle, a scope level, long range capable ammunition, and a good ballistics app for this course.



4 to 5-Hours

Our Defensive Designated Marksman course is one for those who have mastered everything else, but still thirst for that next level training; a kind of training that will thrill, teaching skills and techniques that possess the potential to put you in a league of your own.

The DDM course places a heavy emphasis on speed and rapid target identification/acquisition. We also make full use of tactical scope features, which includes live fire training on *simulated moving targets, multiple target engagements [timed], stress shooting with an elevated heart rate, firing from unorthodox positions, low profile engagement shooting, and firing from the tripod over obstacles and on uneven surfaces.

If you own a semi-automatic rifle capable of longer distance shooting [up to 600/800 meters] or a tactical precision rifle with a higher-capacity magazine [10-round+], then consider joining us on one of our Defensive Designated Marksman courses. You won’t be disappointed.

Ammunition Requirement: ≥ 50 Rifle Cartridges

Note: you will require a modern tactical riflescope or LPVO for this course.

Kit Requirements

  • Licensed rifle [.223 or larger]
  • Rifle scope & adjustment tools/torque wrench mounting kit
  • Modern tactical rifle scope [intermediate & advanced courses]
  • Ammunition [enquire on quantity per course]
  • Eyes & ears [and other relevant protection]
  • Ballistics App or DOPE chart
  • Barrel/cleaning rod in case of a barrel blockage
  • Rice sock/rear rest
  • Rifle support platform [bipod, tripod, shooting rest, sandbag, etc]
  • Scope bubble level [intermediate & advanced courses]
  • Rifle sling [Designated Marksman courses]
  • Shooting tripod [Designated Marksman courses]
  • Hydration pack/water and snacks
  • Hat or cap & sunscreen
  • Suitable outdoor shooting attire
  • Suitable shoes/ boots

Kit Recommendations

  • Weapons cleaning kit
  • Spotting scope/binoculars (if already owned)
  • Weather meter/Kestrel (if already owned)
  • Laser rangefinder (if already owned)
  • Pen & notepad
  • Camping chair

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One-on-One [Exclusive Booking]R950/hour
2 to 3 ParticipantsR500pp/hour
4 to 6 ParticipantsR350pp/hour

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