Dark Earth Tactical: Urban 2 Rural Home Defense & Firearms Training [South Africa]

Dark Earth Tactical is a defensive training & tactical consulting service operating from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We bring current firearms training and modern methods of defensive combat and survivalism to our local upstanding citizens. But what makes us unique and sets us apart from the rest?

Our training stems from an elite unit of NATO military forces; years of specialist operations and tactical experience which has been adapted to suit the needs of South Africa’s concerned citizens; those who wish to best prepare themselves from threats of a violent and/or unpredictable nature. Our transferrable skills range from close, medium and long-range firearms training, combat medical instruction and survivalism, to small team tactics and urban-rural home defence. We offer a variety of training and consulting services, with our most unique being a progressive training package which develops long-lasting relationships and continuative training between our students and our instructors.

While our brand is fresh, our instructors are seasoned, with years of training experience both locally and abroad. If you are looking for something different – or perhaps even something ongoing and dynamic – then we urge you to continue exploring our services and get in touch with one of our instructors to find out more.

Our Tactical Instructors

MATT is our team’s lead instructor – an ex- British COMMANDO who is specialised in long range SNIPING & RECONNAISSANCE; trained to operate in small teams across the globe, be it by day or night.

“A role that relies on extremely high levels of physical fitness, weapons proficiency, and tactics in both close combat and long distance environments”.

With recent experience in hostile environments across AFRICA and the Middle East (IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN), Matt is responsible for much of our course content and structure.

A cumulative 12-years of full time employment in a tactical role adds great value to our company; ensuring that we provide the most current and modern methods of defensive combat and tactical training.

SHAUN is a firearms and adventure training enthusiast who has spent most of his life in KZN.

His experience instructing and pursuing tactical skills began early in 2015. To this day, much of Shaun’s spare time is spent developing his interest in outdoor ventures.

Shooting and tactical training forms a large part of my pastime interests, and knowing that I have trained myself to outperform semi and well-trained assailants has certainly improved my ability to carry myself in a professional and vigilant state at all times.

Interesting Fact: being one of the first to respond in assistance to local police and security efforts during the violent riot periods of KZN – Winter season of 2021 – Shaun got to witness first hand, the lack of experience and readiness amongst law abiding citizens of our community. This encounter has helped to develop our latest dynamic training program which aims to tackle flaws in complacency and training shortfalls that are present amongst most of our “already prepared” citizens.

Our Tactical Training Courses & Services

Our training courses and services are offered to both CIVILIANS and SECURITY/ LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL, and are often tailored or tweaked to meet the specific needs and demands of our client.

One of our most recent group courses was tailored to combine close range tactical carbine training with arrest and apprehension techniques. Our practical skills and course structure was outstanding, and our client’s response was of the highest gratitude.

While we do occasionally run set courses and experience events, we most often operate by request through group bookings. More detail can be found under our website’s training section, or through an online query.

Urban Defence [Close Combat] Training, South Africa

Our close combat defensive training covers basic, intermediate and advanced levels of firearms related skills & drills that are relevant to URBAN ENVIRONMENTS and HOME DEFENCE. This includes both EDC (Everyday Carry) pistol and self-loading rifles/carbines.

There are numerous practical subjects that fall under each skill grade (beginner to advanced), so our first step is to assess proficiency levels and then structure or recommend a program that will set you on your path to success; ultimately reaching an advanced level of urban defensive tactics.

Rural Defence Training, South Africa

Our rural defence courses typically start at an intermediate level and are suited towards those who already understand the mechanics behind close range self-defence. At this point, you may find yourself interested in BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE benefits; using ground and open spaces to your advantage during a defensive scenario – specifically those which involve MULTIPLE ATTACKERS.

These training packages require tactical/semi-automated rifles with modern optics, and are often conducted on our medium-distance training grounds (unless you prefer to use your own through on-site training).

Long Range Precision Rifle Training [For Sports Shooting Purposes]

One of our company’s most unique skills is its ability to provide unmatched training in the art of LONG RANGE PRECISION SHOOTING, including the use of all pertinent equipment.

These courses run from beginner to advanced levels and often strike interest in one of two (or sometimes both) categories:

  • Precision Rifle – training in the ability to engage medium distance targets with extremely accurate precision fire, often relying heavily on high-end equipment and internal ballistics.
  • Long Range & Extreme Long Range Training – focussing not only on precision, but more-so on the ability to successfully engage targets at long distances. This type of shooting relies heavily on the fundamentals of external ballistics.

Dynamic [Progressive] Training; New to the South African Market

Our most prized training system runs by means of a subscription package. This is our dynamic training; a CONTINUOUS PROGRESSION of individual and team skills through frequent training of various tactics, drills and instruction.

Designed to best prepare you; helping you to reach an unparalleled ability to react dynamically and assertively towards an emergency crisis – be it predicted or unforeseen.

Our dynamic training requires a contract based subscription fee which entitles you to attend up to THREE training sessions per month; either classroom or field based. You have the freedom (to some degree) in determining which training courses/dates you wish to attend each month, and groups may book private sessions (depending on numbers).

We are constantly pushing more of our clients to adopt this form of training for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, it will save you heaps of cash when compared to equivalent single training sessions; roughly 30% of the cost.
  • Second, we regularly remind and encourage you to attend monthly training sessions, which are specifically designed to progressively train each of our students on an ongoing basis. This forces you (through the best of our ability) to progress your skills towards an advanced level of tactical capability, while preventing skill-fade and developing muscle memory in the process.

Our initial dynamic training package includes – but is not limited to – the following subjects:

  • Remote medical training
  • Safe handling of firearms and non-lethals
  • Modern gear and tactical equipment
  • Rules of use of force (law of self defence) & escalation of force protocols  
  • Advanced weapons handling and tactics (for self defence purposes)
  • Low light training
  • Apprehension and detention techniques (citizens arrest against schedule 1 offences)
  • Defensive driving tactics
  • Convoy (multi-vehicle) drills and navigational training
  • Overlanding and vehicle running gear, including basic remote-area vehicle mechanics
  • Emergency store provisions
  • Establishing solid communications structures (including emergency comms)
  • Basic emergency evacuation planning & bug out gear

DE Tactical – Your Final Tactical Training Solution

Dark Earth Tactical intends on soon becoming a household name amongst shooting enthusiasts and like minded citizens of South Africa. This will be achieved through hard work and provision of unmatched training services around Southern Africa.

We encourage any upstanding person to get in touch if you have any interest in what we have to offer, including businesses and residential estates or companies who rely on security in order to protect their people.

Thank you for taking the time to read up about us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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