The Tactical Rifle Scope: Become Skilled in the Art of Modern Rifle Optics

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Tactical rifle scopes are meant for tactical situations where the importance of a first round hit on target is far higher than consistent pinpoint accuracy. As a result, these scopes also offer advanced features such as range estimation and holdovers which compensate for bullet drop and wind drift. But aside from these generally well-known features, there are many other choices that need to be made when purchasing an optic for this type of use. In addition, there are some useful tips, techniques and accessories that will help you to utilise a tactical rifle scope to the best of your ability, and with the highest success rate when doing so.

This course will not only highlight the requirements and recommended features when selecting a tactical rifle scope as a new buyer, but it will ensure that each student who succeeds in completing the course will depart with a much deeper understanding of what the tactical rifle scope is, how to properly use one, and what accessories and practical techniques you may employ to make first round hits more achievable.

So if you are able to admit that you knowledge on modern rifle scopes is lacking, or if you would like to learn some tips and techniques that may help you when everything else is working against you, then enrol in this course and let’s get started.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons

Tactical Rifle Scopes: Online Course?

A comprehensive online course on tactical rifle scopes for the long range rifleman.
Lesson 1: What is a Tactical Rifle Scope?
Lesson 2: The Ocular Lens
Lesson 3: Understanding Exit Pupil
Lesson 4: Lens Coatings
Lesson 5: The Scope’s Tube Diameter
Lesson 6: Scope Magnification
Tactical Rifle Scope Assessment: Lessons 1 to 6
Lesson 7: The Reticle
Lesson 8: Focal Planes
Lesson 9: Reticle Illumination
Lesson 10: The Turret System
Lesson 11: Mil vs. MOA
Lesson 12: Range Estimation Using Mils or MOA
Tactical Rifle Scope Assessment: Lessons 7 to 12
Lesson 13: The Bullet Drop Compensator
Lesson 14: Parallax
Lesson 15: Understanding Scope Shadow
Lesson 16: Scope Cant
Lesson 17: Scope Accessories
Lesson 18: Selecting Suitable Scope Mounts
Tactical Rifle Scope Assessment: Lessons 13 to 18

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I have just undertaken the home online course on The Tactical Rifle Scope: Become Skilled in the Art of Modern Rifle Optics. I found it very illuminating and well designed with the quiz at the end which is quite stimulating. It has certainly improved my knowledge and insight on rifle scopes and I am now more aware when I will make a purchase in future. Many, many thanks for this wealth of information!