Firearm Malfunctions & How to Solve Them

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A firearm malfunction, otherwise known as a “stoppage” can happen for many reasons, from poor maintenance, to unsuitable or incorrectly loaded ammunition, poor shooting technique, and even faulty firearm parts. It is vital that you able to identify and rectify a firearm malfunction in order to continue using your firearm once this has occurred, especially when used in a self-defence scenario.

This course has been comprehensively designed to teach you exactly how to do that; how to solve firearm malfunctions if and when one takes place. Once you have completed this course you should have a good fundamental understanding of the following:

  • Types of firearm malfunctions
  • The Immediate Action drill
  • The Further Stoppage drill
  • Cartridge malfunctions
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • How to get a firearm back into action

If you do not fully understand firearm malfunctions and the various solutions to get a firearm back into an operational state, but agree on the vital importance of knowing these basic fundamentals, then enrol in this online course and we’ll bring you up to speed. 

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Topics for this course

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Firearm Malfunctions?

An online course on firearm malfunctions and actions to remedy these malfunctions as they occur.
Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Types of Firearm Malfunctions
Module 3: The Immediate Action Drill
Module 4: The Further Stoppage Drill
Module 5: Cartridge Malfunctions
Module 6: Mechanical Malfunctions
Module 7: Conclusion
Assessment: Firearm Malfunctions

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