AR-15 Selection: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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The AR-15 rifle is one of the most popular modern rifles used and owned worldwide, with an estimation of around 8-million within the U.S. alone. The firearm is extremely versatile, and with so many options to choose from, it can be an overwhelming task when it comes to product selection, especially if you are a new buyer.

Throughout this course, we aim to break down the basics step by step, pointing you in the right direction and saving you from falling into the notorious trap of being ill-advised when purchasing your new rifle.

Our expert instructors here at Dark Earth Tactical spend lengthy amounts of time giving tips and advice on rifle, scope and gear selection. More often than not, the feedback that we get is something along the lines of: “I wish we knew more about you and your company before, because we have all made extensive purchases being totally misinformed”. And here lies the value in our online courses; they are affordable and intuitive, giving you the tools to make the absolute best decisions for yourself and based around your own personal needs and intended use.

This online course covers the following content:

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  • What in an AR-15?
  • A Very Brief History on the AR-15
  • Advantages of the AR-15