A seasoned drinksman knows that a beverage always tastes smoother when sipped from the right glass. If you’re inclined to agree, you need our .308 Whiskey Tumbler – it’s bulletproof!

  • Dimensions: approx. 100mm tall and 85mm in diameter
  • Hand embedded with a genuine .308 bullet
  • Bullets manufactured by Sierra Bulletsmiths, USA
  • 400ml (13.5oz) capacity
  • Locally handcrafted crafted glass
  • Made and assembled in South Africa
  • Hand-washable (not dishwasher safe)



A substantial amount of our customers have admitted that they’ve grown firmly attached to their bulletproof companion; ourselves included. In fact, we aren’t lying when we tell you that some of our customers have confessed to regularly taking their tumblers with them where ever they go; socially speaking of course. One customer even said that we have literally made visits to his in-laws more bearable 😂

This is why we are confident in saying that we may very well be producing South Africa’s most unique and personal liquor drinking glass.

Ideal for a variety of gifting occasions including birthdays, father’s day, anniversaries or as a special gift to yourself for being such a good all-round bloke.



Choose to be the talking point of your social evening, or simply sit back and enjoy your favourite beverage two-fold, as the 400ml capacity allows for a variety of contents, including beer, wine, spirits, and of course, whiskey.

But how? Well, the purposeful design of each unique glass presents as short and stubby, suitable for your favourite spirit on the rocks. The inconspicuous design however also allows for a large and full beverage capacity, lending itself as ideal towards beer, ciders and wine. Amazing!


Sneakily, brilliantly sized for maximum hydration. The unassuming height paired with a subtle curve makes for a 13.5oz. capacity – as much as some tall tumblers on the market.



Each of our remarkable drinking glasses – including the one which you are about to add to your cart 😉 – is hand-crafted locally in South Africa by a select team of seasoned Glass-Smiths.

The goal? To create micro-comforts you never knew you’d crave. Pieces that feel like a joy to hold and a revelation to sip from. Glasses that look downright incredible on bar tables, workshop counters, bathtub ledges, or any horizontal surface that calls for a drink.

The size of each glass is crafted to a set of carefully selected dimensions, with a genuine embedded .308 caliber bullet; built for enjoying your favourite adult beverage while looking badass in the process.

Want to know a little more about the bullet? Of course you do, as it’s a major talking piece to any social evening; singling you out as the Alpha, and possibly winning you the girl.

So onto the bullet itself – each glass is accompanied by a single .308 Gold Medal Match bullet made by Sierra; the same bullet that competitive shooters have relied on for decades, resulting in a renowned history of national and world shooting records. Sierra’s Bullet-Smiths (USA) work hard at ensuring the highest level of quality and consistency, copper coating each bullet from head to toe (or tip to base) and then sending the bullet on its journey around the word where it finally ends up embedded into your own special drinking sidekick; your .308 Bulletproof Tumbler.  



If you are purchasing this item for a friend, a loved one, or as a business gift, then you have the option of adding a personalised engraving onto the front of the packaging. This makes your purchase even more special, and accompanies our luxuries box-packaging splendidly.

To do this, simply get in touch via our contact form once you have made your purchase and let us know what you’d like your engrave to say.



We are so confident in our ability to impress you, that we’ll happily honour you with a refund if we don’t. If you receive your .308 Bulletproof Tumbler, and you genuinely don’t like it, then send it back to us unused within 7 days for a full refund.


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